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Meet Gust

Many of the events we work with are held outdoors and therefore subject to the effects of the weather; especially the wind.

Any event using any form of temporary demountable structure or TDS is susceptible to the damaging effects of the wind.  Having a contingency plan in place is only part of the solution - you need to be able to monitor the wind conditions and accurately and quickly know when the wind gusts are approaching the limits of your temporary structures.

Every supplier of a TDS is required to provide you with the design limits of the structure and an action plan for what to do in the event of increasing wind gusts.  From these details you can create your Wind Management Plan and fulfil any requirements your insurance provider may expect.

Our Gust system is the perfect solution to being able to monitor the wind and alert you or your event control room to take action.

The system comprises of a state of the art ultrasonic wind detector - providing both wind speed and direction every 10 seconds - along with a telescopic mast that elevates the sensor to 10m above the ground inline with the Institution of Structural Engineers' guidance for Temporary Demountable Structures.

Kingsford Events can both produce your wind management plan and supply our Gust monitoring system for your event.

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