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Opportunities during the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you have found this page from a saved link or cached search, thank you for visiting but we have now decided to cease updating and will post any relevant new information on our social channels.

The industry has been brought to a rapid halt in the recent weeks and developments suggest this situation will unfortunately continue for several months.  

In a bid to offer a little help to those of us with more time on our hands and take the enforced opportunity to up skill the workforce, like some of our industry colleagues we have put together some links below to websites and information that people may find of benefit.

We look forward to when this is all over, being back out in the fields and event halls all doing our stuff.

Take care and stay safe folks.

Latest UK Government Coronavirus Information:

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A WhatsApp information service has also been launched - Find out how to register at the link below:

Industry Conversations:

Weekly online group to share your challenges, brainstorm solutions, help each other or just listen and feel supported as we travel through these challenging times.  Every Monday morning at 09:30 (GMT) - Register Here


NCRQ are offering their Safety for Managers qualification for free for a limited time.  Why not take this opportunity to update your H&S knowledge and get a recognised certificate in the process.  They suggest 12 hours of study online at your own pace.

Upcoming Webinars:

SafeEvents in Ireland are running a whole host of webinars on various topics, so check out their site for topics & dates - Visit here

24th June - CT risk management and the impact of Covid - Register here

25th June - How have things changed over the last three months - Register here

Event Safety Alliance - Event Safety Podcasts - Listen here

Training and Short Courses:

Recordings from The Event Knowledge #TEK presented by Event Site Design covering topics such as Noise control at Festivals, Traffic Management and learning AutoCAD. 

Refreshing your first aid knowledge annually is a great benefit as when the time may arise you need to help someone having the confidence to take action is important.  British Red Cross have rebased their online annual refresher course for free; make use of this by following the following link. 

ACT Awareness e-Learning is a new counter terrorism awareness product designed for all UK based companies organisations – and now the general public

Register for online course

Website SEO Training - optimise your website.

World Health Organisation - Public Health Preparedness for Mass Gathering Events online course.

Covid-19 - E-Learning about the virus and how to stay safe.

Emergency Preparedness - Staying Safe: How to be Prepared in the Modern World

BT Skills for Tomorrow - Lots of short courses on everything from everyday life to business development.

Open Learn from the Open University have over 1000 free courses online.

Future Learn - Over 100 online courses

Alison - 1510 free online courses on many different subjects from IT, business, languages to lifestyle and health.

Production Futures have put together a page listing a number of AV related courses/webinars such as Obsidian, MA, Resolute VJ, Hippotizer, PRg and CharmSys to name but a few:

Learn beginners British Sign language (BSL)

Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) - Online training course

Facebook Industry Groups

Productions Skills Share

UK Live Event Freelancers Forum

Temporary Work Opportunities:

The PSA have a page on their website giving some details of temporary work currently being offered:

Disclaimer!  The above are provided without any connections to Kingsford Events and links and information is provided at your own risk.

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Temp Work
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