Holiday Entertainment

Well it may not be entertainment or holiday for us, but we are once again on our travels to install some more games rooms around the world. Our team have been out to Spain, Egypt and Croatia in the last couple of months with our client to install their concept ready for the summer holiday season. Whilst most of the time we are in a hot, dark room carrying out the installations, it is nice to see the sun at the end of the working day. If you have any unusual event or experience requirements please do get in touch to discuss how Kingsford Events could help.

Berkely Show

We have provided a safety audit service for a couple of years and once again were onsite the day before to view the site and identify and potential hazards that the organisers may not have identified before the show opened the following morning, to allow time for any rectification work to be carried out. The Show has improved its health and safety commitment over the years and we were pleased to only report a few minor improvements that could be made. Events like these need to sell space to traders both as an income stream and to offer the visitors opportunities to purchase goods and food. Unfortunately it is these traders that often operate at a level of safety that is below what should be

Conference Safety

Our event safety advisory services were engaged to oversee the build, show and derig of a conference and supplier expo at Telford Internal Centre. Utilising one hall of the centre, a plenary session space was created with stage, screens and seating with the supplier expo set at the rear of the hall and provided space for lunch and networking. Kingsford Events delivered the crew site inductions and oversaw the build to ensure working practices were kept in line with the client and venues rules and safety planning.

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