Knightwick Races

2018 saw the return of Knightwick Races at a new venue in Worcestershire, for which Kingsford Events were chosen to provide public address. A first for us, running our commentary systems from an old coach, we provided coverage to the spectator area and the lorry park, as well as radio microphones to allow interviews with the jockeys and owners in the collecting ring. With a new team at the helm of the event, a new course was designed and delivered on the riverside land in Knightwick. As with any new event there were learnings from 2018 (like the spectators not standing where expected!) to improve the provision for future events, but the damp weather and ground conditions didn't deter the sp

Quiz Time!

For the fifth year running Kingsford Events provided the annual quiz night run by Bruton Knowles' Shrewsbury office. As well as your standard quiz rounds such as general knowledge and sport, we also added a practical challenge elements such as asking the teams to construct the tallest tower they could out of spaghetti and marsh mellows! With one team reaching nearly 1m and many others suffering structural failures, there was much fun being had by all. We enjoy delivering such evenings as we not only get to challenge some of the little grey cells of the participants, but also see them interacting and having a great time. The evening was run in aid of the 'Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Centre

Keeping up to date with Industry best practice

Kingsford Events once again attended the Sports Ground Safety Authority 2018 Conference. With sports grounds of various types now becoming more commonplace to hold events as well as football matches and racing events, it's critical that the live events industry and the sports ground arena work closely to share best practice and work together on upcoming challenges faced in both sectors - usually very similar ones. With the attack at Manchester Arena still clearly in our minds there was of course much conversation about counter terrorism. A valuable and informative day saw us attending workshops about; Zone Ex - the part of a visitors journey to the event that ultimately the event organiser

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