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Safety Planning for a 'Wet & Wild' Night

When one of our clients announced to us that the theme for there event would be 'wet and wild' we were interested to find out how their theme would be developed and how Kingsford Events would be integral to ensuring the event and its 'features' happened safely.

At the early planning stage Kingsford Events were involved in the ideas and were able to advise precautions and resources required to ensure that Health & Safety didn't get blamed for not being able to do something.

A key focal point of the theming for the event was a water slide, and our challenge was to ensure that this element in combination with the rest of the event was produced and managed to avoid hazard or injury to their guests.

By careful design our client developed the slide, and in consultation with us and minimal expense, delivered a fun and very different element to their event.

Kingsford Events also compiled the event safety plan, risk assessments, contractor documentation and auditing, produced and delivered event team briefings, provided two way radios and call logging as well as on-site support.

If you have an event and require expert support with planning and delivering the event safely, get in touch with us to discuss how we can assist.

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