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Countryside Show - Safety Audit

Kingsford Events, a provider of Event Safety services were asked to carry out a visual safety audit of a one day countryside show to ensure suitable safety standards were being employed and to highlight any areas that could be improved. Our many years of experience with this type of event afford us a realistic understanding of how these events operate and the constraints they are put under in terms of resource and budget.

Spending the day onsite at the show which featured livestock, poultry, equine, tradestands, main ring displays as well as static and vintage vehicles, we were able to document areas that were working well as well and other items that could be improved for future years.

Our following report will hopefully be useful in persuading the event management team of the importance of ensuring the safety of not only their public visitors but also that of their own volunteers.

Ensuring the health and safety of any event does not necessarily mean having to spend huge amounts of time and money, in many cases – and was true of this event – some minor layout changes, or just ensuring the contractors you bring in are doing their job properly all help to improve the standards and don’t cost anything, but could in the long term save considerable resources and funds by preventing an incident occurring in the first place.

As some photos here show, storing petrol next to generators and using electrical connections not suitable for outside (and it was a very wet day) are simple changes that can be made to eliminate certain hazards.

Should you require professional event health and safety services Kingsford Events would be pleased to speak with you and discuss your requirements and how we can help you.

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