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Caravan Show Returns

With the threat of the annual Malvern Caravan Show not being able to go ahead due to CoViD we worked closely with the TCAS team to ensure CoViD the risk assessment was in place along with the necessary mitigations and event changes to allow the event to run.

Whilst there were some significant changes around the entertainment, with sensible precautions and revisions the event met with the agreement of the Local Authority – who we have had regular conversations with since June – to proceed.

The bigger threat to this event turned out to be the weather, as heavy rain and gusty winds made the weekend slightly less enjoyable for the campers and traders.

Throughout the process Kingsford Events advised on capacities to allow physical distancing especially within the indoor areas. Regularly reviewing the layout against the ability for visitors to maintain 2m from each other along with ensuring the CoViD risk assessment covered all elements of the event gave all stakeholders confidence that the event was as safe as it could be for all visitors, staff and traders alike. There is no such thing as totally safe from CoViD and everyone must remain aware of the hazard and take measures to keep themselves and others safe.

As well as CoViD the usual H&S hazards were reviewed and considered during the planning process with regular updates with the shows team to ensure they had the level of support they needed at all times.

If you would like to discuss how we can become part of your event team and support on all event health and safety matters please do get in touch.


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