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Coventry welcomes the Queen's Baton Relay with spectacular laser show

We were back in Coventry Cathedral Ruin's for three nights of choreographed laser display to mark the arrival of the QBR to Coventry.

Supporting the organisers and producers throughout the planning process we created the event safety management plan and all supporting documentation, including capacity evaluations so as to ensure the build, show and de-rig all ran safely.

Within the main area of the ruins the show consisted of a 7 minute loop with high powered lasers set down each side of the space and more adjacent the the alter.

Set high up on the tower were 4 lasers which, through a website portal members of the public could control via a specialist app.

Operating lasers outdoors comes with it's own challenges and regular liaison with the CAA and Birmingham Airports control tower was required to ensure the lasers from the tower did not interfere with the airspace and were deactivated once an aircraft approached.

Installation or derig of 4 lasers at the top of the tower was more challenging, with 181 steps inside the tower that they had to be carried up an down... on one of the hottest days of 2022.


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